How the Resurrection Changes Everything


Cross Theatre: Love Story
Follow the Drama as God’s Love goes Public


Love Co-Mingled: The Eternal Love of Father, Son and Holy Spirit for each other in the Privacy of Heaven

Love Expressed: God in Love formed human beings (image bearers) with the capacity to feel God’s Love and to properly respond (requite) to His Love.  God’s Love goes Public.

Love Spurned:  Satan seduced Adam and Eve to Spurn God’s Love ; the result was alienation, guilt, and death.

Love Promised: God Promises to rekindle the Love lost, first in a cryptic way to Adam and then formally to Abraham  (Abrahamic/ Mosaic/ Davidic Covenants). God’s Love was not quenched by the sad pattern of human resistance and contempt.

Love Fulfilled:  God’s Love was Fulfilled in The Incarnation Of Son of God where he became both the Victim and the Victor.

Love Embodied: The Spirit Inaugurates the New Covenant and gathers together a church who will Embody God’s Love in a dark world.

Love Consummated: Satan and his followers will be cast into Hell.  Heaven and Earth will merge, the Wedding Party begins. God’s Love is consummated and celebrated with His Redeemed People.

“Our hearts are Loveless until we find our Love in thee.”



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